We have a strong commitment to the development and growth of our clients and the protection of the environment through high quality services based on experience, discipline and scientific rigor.

We believe that the growth of our customers and strategic partners, which can go hand in hand with sustainable development, friendly to the environment and the communities where they impact.

What do we believe?

Maing Ltda, is a consultant with experience in environmental management, that through our different services, we support our clients so that their operations are sustainable and comply in a good way with their environmental commitments.

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Our Services

We develop Studies and Declarations of Environmental Impact, to comply with environmental and sectoral legislation. Our team is highly qualified to contribute with the necessary strategies for the development of pWe develop Studies and Declarations of Environmental Impact, to comply with environmental and sectoral legislation. Our team is highly qualified to contribute with the necessary strategies for the elaboration of the project in its presentation to the Environmental Assessment Service.project in its presentation to the Environmental Evaluation Service.

Environmental Studies

We perform environmental audits to assess the status of compliance with the environmental regulations of your organization.

For this, we rely on environmental science tools such as the information sciences, to carry out a finished study of the level of compliance of your company with current regulations.

Environmental Audits

Because we know that with the approval of the Environmental Qualification Resolution of your project just beginning everything, we accompany your organization in the opening, execution and closure of the project, taking care that it complies with all the agreed environmental commitments.

With the help of IT tools and a team trained in environmental regulatory compliance. we manage and supervise the proper execution of the project.

Developed Projects

  • Follow-up to the reforestation plan established in RCA. CMCN.

  • Rescue and relocation of species by Project of Rubble Landfills in CMCN

  • Transfer and follow-up to cactáceas project Botaderos de Ripios CMCN

Monitoring and control of environmental permits and RCA

We understand the importance of a business acquisition or merger. Therefore, we analyze the environmental management of the projects that are intended to be acquired to provide a complete analysis and gaps in their environmental situation, status of their sectoral permits, maturities, and gaps in the commitments acquired, so that their senior management can make decisions on a safely and without risks.

Developed works

  • Due Diligence, environmental and sectorial permits for the Bamineracao company (Brazil), for the Puquios Mining Project. La Serena, Chile

Due Diligence and Pre-feasibility Studies

Environmental legal advice and consultations of relevance

We have specialized lawyers in environmental matters, in mining law, electric law among other specialties that will give environmental legal support to your project.

Developed works:


  • Modification to environmental monitoring programs at Minera Cerro Bayo established in its environmental qualification resolutions, Coyhaique

We monitor the air quality of its facilities and work, according to what is established by the environmental regulations in force in our country.
For this we have our own equipment of the best quality available. We also have support technology that allows our customers to easily access the data obtained and thus make better decisions.

Development projects

  • Measurement of particulate material MP10, mining company, Cerro Negro mining company.

Monitoring of particulate material MP10 - MP2,5

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